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Ameera's Images

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Creating Beautiful Reflections


My Start


With the right light, angle and circumstance beauty can be reflected through the camera's lens. A beautiful reflection can be transformed into timeless images that will bring joy into ones heart.  True, clear, timeless reflections that mimics a mirror's image. Choose Ameera's Images and allow us to capture your priceless moments for you.

I got my start in photography through my love of people, gadgets, and traveling. My passion for the three is what drives my desire to capture ‘that’ beautiful moment. After 10 years I still find myself as excited as the first time to see my client's reaction to my work. I enjoy being in the presence of loving people and getting the genuine authentic connection.  To capture your vision I have a consultation meeting prior to the shoot to ensure that together we create magic. 

We take pride in facilitating the weddings photography and most difficult of little models. There is no limit to where I will travel to meet your photography needs. Maternity, Family, Newborns, Event, Headshots, Graduation, Boudoir, Engagement, or Weddings photography, I will be there aiming to create the best photographs for next client!